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I can sense my charm has sparked your curiosity and brought you here. No? Okay. You may have stumbled upon my photography on Instagram, intrigued by my facial expression on CEC's Management Board Team intro, or seen my short film on Youtube. Or, you may be a random passer-by who somehow wanted to check me out (#yay!). Regardless, welcome to my very one and only blog where I capture the journey I have experienced over the last 18 years. Let me show you!  


My first name is Kien, my family name Dao. In Vietnamese, it goes Dao Trung Kien. 

*Fun fact: "Dao" means "peach" in Vietnamese, a kind of fruit that makes my name sound really feminine. You can call me Kane, or Ken, or Ki-end without a "d" in the end.


I'm all about capturing moments in life. You will most likely find me walking around with my CanonI'm a sophomore in Luther College - Communication Studies major | Art minor. I live in Hanoi (but now it's Decorah, Iowa). I like taking photos of people and ask them to share their stories. Why would I do that? Hmm, I don't know! I just enjoy seeing different pieces of life, feeling different emotions, living in people's stories for a while.


I was in an utter stage of confusion where everything in my future seems ambiguous and blurry. Then came photography. At that time I haven't realized my passion for taking pictures yet. I just knew there was something about the way things turn out behind the lens that drew me in. As time passes by, I kept being more and more invested in photography, and now it's become a vital part of my life. 


I'm not particularly good with words - but there are things in the world that only I can see. My camera is a way for me to express things otherwise inexplicable through other media. Photography allows me to express my individuality and quirkiness, at the same time links me with others beyond physical connections.

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