• kiendao


In summer 2014, I got an internship at Everest Education, the company in which my sister was working. Having the chance to meet your dear sister after a whole year and work with professionals in a company in Ho Chi Minh City? That's the dream!

I could not tell how delightful I was to be a part of the E2 team. I was assigned to work on project AIS Summer Camp, and that was when great things happen. I got to meet Kristine, Auslyn, Quan and Huong who were these really talented interns and they were willing to help me a lot in the company. It was them who taught me how to behave with managers, people of higher positions and to work on project the most effectively. It was them who taught me that consistency is the key to success. I could not thank them enough!

Working on the project, I held the executor position who comes up with idea, prepares materials for DIY activities during the camp and works on presentations to demonstrate the activities. I had a lot of fun creating DIY items I never thought I would be able to make.

Have you ever thought of turning a paper dish and a bag of marshmallows into an ethnical jewelry or making skeletons out of a spray bottle and sticks?

I really appreciate the time being an intern of E2 since E2 has given me so much and turned me into more mature human being than I used to be. And heck, I also learned that I'm super great with kids!

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