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Vietnamese Literature classes could be boring, but when the chance came to bring a famous work from a page to real life, we jumped at it. I participated in the whole process with my team, from writing scripts to making properties, from designing posters to filming, all within 2 months.

I was chosen to be the main actor of our play. It was scary, yet exciting.

It was a mesmerizing memory to me.

Since the play was based on a story in the 19th century, the accent and demeanors of the characters were very "ancient", far from today. I had to work really hard on my accent to most accurately imitate the character I play. I remember practicing again and again, recording my voice to send to the director, and then repeating the same till 4 in the morning to just master the accent. I also took a traditional dance class to perform a dance in the play. To be honest, it was two hellish weeks, I almost couldn't feel my legs, but I was glad that I did a pretty good job dancing in that play.

D-day came. Every one was nervous, hoping for a successful play which they have been working on for months. And it was. The play bursted in boisterous applause, it turned out to be the most successful play among other ones; it was a combination of good expressions, good visual aids, good lighting effects and above all, good acting skills.

We've made it!

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