• kiendao


I'm a professional swimmer. I have been in training 4 days a week for 7 years, which makes swimming an important part of my life. Maybe even more important than I could ever imagine.

Back when I was little, I was prescribed to take a lot of antibiotics because of my troubled lungs. I was really weak and always had difficulty breathing. My dad was the one who signed me up for a spot in the city-wide swimming team and made me train every day. I struggled a lot at first and couldn’t even remember how many times I got sunk or gulped water out of imbalance. It didn't help that I was self-consciously chubby too.

Slowly, I took my coach’s guidelines on swimming techniques and revised them carefully, and things started to get easier. My lungs got better; I could take deeper breath and dive longer, an ability I never knew I had. I was also very lucky to have met coach Lien – the most dedicated and loving teacher who taught me everything and went with me through thick and thin, telling me to always “swim forward”.

Ultimately all the hardworking and highly-demanding schedule paid off, I won 2 gold medals, 2 bronze medals and a silver medal in several competitions, especially the Intercity Swimming Championship. Of course winning many medals rocked, but seeing how swimming has become so natural and easy and no longer a struggle, was even more amazing!

THIS is for my 12-year old self: You will some day become a swimming champion, fit and happy. You still have trouble breathing, but your lungs are much happier and healthier now. Good job!

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