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*Side notes: CNN English Club, known as CEC in Foreign Languages Specialized School, is an English speaking club founded in 2009, devoted to our high school students with the ultimate goal of creating an English speaking environment.

In 2014, I was given the chance to become a member of CEC's management board, holding the title of "Lead Event Organizer". Essentially, I plan and implement events of the club, from debates, presentations, talk shows to out-door activities, contests, school prom. My colleagues usually refer to me as the "fun-maker", because not only do I create fun and exhilarating projects but I also bring that energetic and enthusiastic vibes to the club. You can call me a "cheerleader" as well!

So how was my year with CEC like?


It cannot be denied that although CEC has been thriving throughout the year, there were numerous troubles my team and I had to deal with. People always say: "There is no success without hardship". I felt grateful as had it not been for all the ups and downs we've gone through, I wouldn't have known such amazing colleagues.

I remember the hardest time was right before the first meeting. Nothing went according to the plan. There was not enough water, the stadium was unavailable, backdrops disappeared. Everyone got stressed out, and Duong the president even cried in hopelessness. This is the time I realized we needed to believe in ourselves and had the courage to face with difficulties. What did I do? I bought my friends ice-cream because I was confident that it would cheer them up, and it did. I encouraged them to re-build the plan. Within three days, we came up with new ideas, new games, new activities to fit in with the new location. I remember hardly seeing anyone sleep during that period.


The meeting ... was beyond our expectation. Everything went back to where it was, members loved the meeting and they were all taken by surprise in the end. Why was that? Because we gave them a little treat called "Water Balloon Fight", a crazy idea that turned out to be the biggest blast!

Pushing ourselves through that last limit was important, I realized. I did take one page from my swimming training: "The last push is always the most difficult but also the most important one."


My whole year with CEC is wrapped in one word: creativity. CEC is known for having the largest number of members and the most challenging activities in our school. I was proud to be the one to execute them!

One of the best things of being an E.O is that I don't have to "check my brain at the door". Even when I have the most crazy ideas, I get the chance to bring them to life and instantly see if people like them or not. People love unexpected and surprising treats - I learned. Like that one time, we told all members to wear protections and masks for a scavenger hunt, just so to blow their mind with our throwing of Diwali-like color dust!

"Don't you ever run out of things to do and get tired?" - my friends asked.

"No, I feel great!" - I replied.

Being an Event Organizer has given me the absolute ecstasy and satisfaction when it comes to creating things. The joy people feel was truly contagious, and it strengthens our team members' spirit, friendship and sense of community.

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